School Management System


School Management System

One Database | One Application | A user-friendly Experience

Governing a school and balancing all the departments and campuses have always been a challenge for the management. With our specialized experience in developing software, ERP modules, and web development, we, at True Vision, have created our school management software with a great deal of research to dodge all the obstacles that a school can face. Our creation is fully automated and offers a comprehensive platform that will satisfy every school’s needs, improve productivity and make your future-ready.

Our Features

ERP Software provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers,
non-teaching staff, students, parents, and management personnel of your institution.

Customizable Dashboard

Dashboard in school ERP system provides a 360-degree view on various tasks or events or functions happening in the school at any given time. Using this, stakeholders can quickly get a track of their imperative KPI’s in a single view; also, all the information on the dashboard gets automatically updated in real-time. In the True Vision school ERP system dashboard, the admin can easily add/remove the dash lets according to the user’s privileges.

School News Management

Share the latest news and school-related information with your employees and student and always keep them up to date with this news management module. With Fedena, news management module, the admin can easily create and share the latest news of campus with parents, teachers, and students on their dashboard or mobile phone.

Timetable Management System

True Vision timetable management system has been helping schools and colleges of various sizes in scheduling and managing timetables flawlessly. In a single click, the admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent, automatic timetable management system promotes the paperless environment and simplifies the payroll calculation for admins.

Admission Management System

Student admission management system by Adhyapan Kaksha to simplify and streamline the chaotic and time-consuming admission process. Manually managing the admission procedure is an overwhelming task for the school’s administrator, and sometimes this cumbersome process leads to human error. Using Fedena, schools can digitize the whole operation and improve the efficiency of the administrators.

Attendance Management System

Daily manually maintaining attendance is a mandatory task for every teacher, but because of its tiresome and time killing process, it indirectly impacts the productivity of the teachers. But with The True Vision attendance management system, teachers can quickly and accurately record the attendance without putting in much effort and at the same time can generate reports in a single click.

Fees Management System

School Fees management system to automate and streamline the fees processes. Staff can keep a real-time track of fee collection and pending fees. Generate various fee structures, customized reports, and fees receipt, also send instant alerts to parents in case of fee dues. It is the safest and most straightforward way to manage all the payments, automate fee calculation, and reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Transportation Management

Student’s safety is the topmost priority of educational institutes. With the school bus transport management module, the parents and school staff members can easily track the vehicle location while the students are traveling from home to school or vice-versa. In a centralized place, staff can maintain vehicle records, easily keep track of transport expenses, and streamline the bus fees collection process.

Biometric Systems

Fingerprint-based attendance system, students and employees record their attendance using an RFID Card or their biometrics like the fingerprint. This data is saved in the device and synced with Adhyapan Kaksha. Sync configurations like automatic or manual, time of the sync, etc can be set within the app as per the requirement of the institution.


What did We do?

Administrative Agenda

Our school management system is helping the school to maintain the record by keeping a constant and convivial connection to the parents. Web-school ERP has the system to monitor the students and staff related activities. Sharing emails to the teachers and parents about section calendar and class-oriented information has proved to be very supportive of both of them.

Teacher’s Frame

The teacher and administrative staff need to complete several tasks to maintain the standard of the institution. Web-School ERP is here to lighten up their workload to work more flexibly and efficiently without making errors and wasting time on printing a pile of papers. Our easy learning modules help the teachers to work on it with innovative methods.

Student Circle

Besides helping school administrative bodies and teachers, Web-School ERP is there for the students also. This is very essential for personal growth for each individual student. We have a separate module for students where they can get all the school-related information including class schedules, theory and practical sessions, previous chapter notes, exam schedules, library records for borrowing books.

Parent Pavilion

The parent section of Web-School ERP is nicely designed. Parents can easily access it by using their ID and password. They can track all the information regarding their child. The information about the other students is kept secret. They can monitor their child’s growth by keeping the track of assessment results, behavioral improvements.

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