Home Automation


Improving your quality of life

Home automation is anything that allows you to make more convenient and effective use of the lighting, heating and appliances in your home. It can be as easy as controlling a few lights remotely or automatically, or it can be a complete system that controls all major parts of your house, custom designed to your own personal preference.

True Vision Home Automation System provides both wired & wireless automation systems. Our smart house systems are easy to retrofit into existing homes, no carpet tearing or wall drilling holes.

Benefits of True Vision
Smart Homes

Our smart house systems are easy to retrofit into existing homes,
no carpet tearing or wall drilling holes.

Increased Energy Efficiency

With True Vision home automation system you can monitor energy usage in the home and save energy as per your convenience.

Secure Your Home

Home automation comes with great benefit when it comes to securing your home. With the intrusion sensor, security surveillances, motion sensor, digital door lock, fire alarm etc.

Time is Money

To cope with the fast pace environment, home automation lets you saves time just by controlling & monitoring your home remotely without having the need to run around check everything.

Maximising Home Security

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With home automation, convenient control of your home is at your fingertips. You don’t have to appoint anyone or tell the neighbors to look after your house when you go out for a trip.

Keep Tabs on Loved Ones

You can easily keep an eye on your kids and elders at home by digitally monitoring the lights, doors, controlling the temperature etc.

Saves Your Finances

Automating your home not only saves time and energy but your money too. It lets you reduce energy costs by allowing you to optimize energy consuming appliances. Additionally, you will also save a lot of money by preventing home break-in with the help of our home security system.

Utility Consumption Insights

Having all the latest gadgets installed at home one must be concerned about the energy consumption but with our smart home system, you will get regular updates on energy usage which will help you further analyze & optimize the energy consumed at home.

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