School Management System


One Database | One Application | A user-friendly Experience

Governing a school and balancing all the departments and campuses have always been a challenge for the management. With our specialized experience in developing software, ERP modules, and web development, we, at True Vision, have created our own school management software with a great deal of research to dodge all the obstacles that a school can face. Our creation is fully automated and offers a comprehensive platform that will satisfy every school’s needs, improve productivity and make your future-ready.


Our Mission


Our mission is to create services that absolutely focus on delivering the ultimate service and user experience. We solely strive to innovate through passion.

Reduced Operating Expenses

True Vision SMS provides a detailed digital summary of your expenses across different departments thereby reducing the cost of paper by almost 40% of the total expenses.


With our software, you can manage all things with just a few clicks. The centralized data storage composition helps in storing data and accessing the software from any device, any place and time.

Reduced Operating Expenses

True Vision School Management System helps in simplifying the workflow of a school by performing non-core tasks online seamlessly from various devices thus minimizing human error.

Data Security

All schools and universities have plenty of documents to deal with daily. Our software digitally stores this data in a secured place which can be only accessed by an authorized party. It is highly secured and comes with data back-up.


With the help of an online grading system, student performance & attendance record reports are easily accessible to both teachers and parents, giving them total transparency of the educational system. Additionally, the school staff will get regular updates.


With the increasing number of students enrolling in the school, one doesn’t need to worry about the cloud space, the software offers. Our School Management System is highly scalable and can embrace any number of users.

Academic Growth

By analyzing the student’s academic progress generated through our SMS the institution can make a strategic decision to take necessary steps to further nurture the students according to their needs to achieve optimum levels of educational standards.