Mailcoach By- Spatie (Version 3.0OS Ubuntu 18.04) Description Using the one click installer, you’ll get a preconfigured Laravel application with Mailcoach and all its requirements preinstalled and configured. Software Included Package Version License Mailcoach 3.0 – Getting started after deploying Mailcoach To use Mailcoach, you must first buy a license […]

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Nimbella Lite

Nimbella Lite By- Nimbella Corp.(Version LatestOS Ubuntu 18.04) Description Nimbella Lite provides you with a platform for building serverless applications, not just functions. It is Powered by Apache OpenWhisk, an industry-strength platform for serverless computing that can handle enterprise-level scaling. This one-click deployment comes bundled with the Nimbella Serverless Workbench which […]

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IOTA Hornet Node

IOTA Hornet Node By- IOTA (Version LatestOS Ubuntu 20.04) Description HORNET is a powerful, community driven IOTA fullnode software written in Go. Compared to the Java node implementation (IRI), this requires considerably less resources with significantly higher performance. HORNET is easy to install, and runs on low-end devices. Note: if […]

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