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By- QuickCorp (Version 2.1.157OS Ubuntu 18.04)


QCObjects is a JavaScript framework designed to code fancy, clean and quick.

With QCObjects developers can make a full stack application in one single technology based in Javascript for browsers as well as for Nodejs environments, what is saving time and simplifying the N-Tier development process.

It is an open source technology based in JavaScript designed to allow web developers to code targeting desktop and mobile devices into a runtime components and objects scope.

If you want to learn more about QCObjects, go to the website, follow the reference documentation and enjoy a new way to code fancy, clean and quick.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying QCObjects

To create your first QCObjects application after you create a QCObjects One-Click VM:

Go to the path ~/projects/mynewapp
And type:

qcobjects create mynewapp –pwa

Support Details

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