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By- X-Cart (Version CentOS 7.6)


1,000,000+ SKU eCommerce Platform

X-Cart is an open-source shopping cart software that gracefully handles large product catalogues while still keeping your store fast.

See the full list of X-Cart features to get an overview of all the awesome things this stunning, fully-customizable e-commerce platform has to offer including

   1- High-converting store templates

   2- Mobile first eCommerce 

   3- Inuitive Drag and Drop interface

   4- and much more

Software Included

Getting started after deploying X-Cart

After you’ve created an X-Cart VM, you can try it out by visiting your website in your web browser: http://your_server_ip/install.php and proceed with the installation process. Please wait for 5 minutes after VM creation to allow for an automatic database creation – it should be auto-filled on the corresponding install screen.

In order to use X-Cart for production, you must first set a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in your DNS, to use with your new X-Cart 1-Click App VM. You can then complete a production installation by visiting your website in your web browser using the FQDN you set for the VM in your DNS. In either case, the simple step-by-step installation page will create an administrator account for you.

Please notice that you don’t have to create a MariaDB user and database for the installation, they are automatically created upon starting the 1-Click App and pre-filled to the installation script.

In addition to the X-Cart software installation, this 1-Click also:

   1- Enables the UFW firewall to allow only SSH (port 22, rate limited), HTTP (port 80), and HTTPS (port 443) access.

   2- Sets the MariaDB root password and runs mysql_secure_installation, protecting access outside the localhost (if you need to gain access to the root user,  get the password from or follow these instructions:

   3- The webroot is /var/www/html.For technical support, please open a support ticket at our helpdesk or send an email to

Support Details

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