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By- Workarea (Version 3.5.xOS Ubuntu 18.04)


Workarea is an enterprise-grade commerce platform written in Ruby on Rails. It uses MongoDBElasticsearch, and Redis. Workarea also uses a whole lot of gems you can see in our gemspec.

This VM contains everything you need to run a basic Workarea application, including all of the aforementioned services. It’s useful for evaluating a Commerce Cloud installation of Workarea, or simply using it on its own for a smaller-size store.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Workarea

After creating the Workarea VM, SSH into your newly-created VM and follow the on-screen instructions to set your domain name, AWS S3 settings, and CDN domain. Most of these are optional but are provided here to get you started on the right foot. After database seeding completes, you can browse your new store at the configured host or your VM’s IP. Log in with email and the generated password that you see after seeds complete.

If you provide a hostname in the setup process, certbot --nginx will run automatically and set up your site with a real SSL certificate provided by LetsEncrypt. Otherwise (such as for demo or evaluation purposes), a self-signed certificate will be generated. Since the application runs in production mode, some kind of SSL cert is necessary in order for the application to function properly.

Support Details

Supported By: Workarea
Hours: 9 pm-5 am EST Monday through Friday
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