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By- Jadian Gaming(Version 0.7.6OS Ubuntu 18.04.5 )





The software is a modpack distribution back-end that you can use to server Minecraft modpacks through the TechnicLauncher.

Using means your players’ TechnicLauncher clients only need to download the changes between release.

Also, is known to be cumbersome and difficult for a lot of people to set up on their own.


Software Included

Getting started after deploying

The default login for Solder is.

Solder Email:

Solder Password: admin

I forgot to setup FTP, and I felt like I was under too much of a time crunch.
So use this guide to install and setup ftp.
Though you might need to log in with root for it.

Updating the installation on this image.

How to link the installation to the Technic Platform.

How to add mods to be server by the installation on this image.

Support Details

Supported By: Jadian Gaming
Hours: Monday-Friday 2:45 pm to 9 pm Saturday 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Support Email: