Skaffolder Enterprise

By- Skaffolder (Version 3.0OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Skaffolder is a code generator that allows simple rapid creation of custom web and mobile applications. You can choose between a lot of different programming languages, visually define your database entities, APIs, pages of your app, and Skaffolder will generate the source code on your Git repository and the relative documentation.

The code is highly customizable and you will keep full control of all of your code. You can generate the code both from the online platform and from the command-line tool.

Frontend languages supported:

      a- React

      b- Angular

      c- React Native

      d- Xamarine

      e- AngularJS

Backend languages supported:

      a- NodeJS

      b- Firebase

      c- JAVA

      d- Go

      e- PHP

If you want to support more languages or you want to change our generator’s template, you can easily do so in order to quickly create your own.

Skaffolder intro video ↗︎

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