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Reblaze WAF

By- Reblaze (Version 2.12.10OS Ubuntu 18.04)


The Reblaze WAF/IPS uses a multivariate approach and leverages a variety of techniques to accurately identify and block malicious traffic. These include Application Whitelisting, Behavioural Analysis, Blacklisting, Fine-grained ACL, and Machine Learning. Reblaze WAF uses advanced methods such as Application Whitelisting, Blacklisting, Granular and static ACL, ML, and more.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Reblaze WAF

Reglaze setup

Reblaze act as a reverse proxy and would forward
the traffic after analyzing it to the origin. although you can use external IP’s as the origin
it is highly recommended for both security and performance to have the origin within the internal VPC.
for best scalability, performance, and security we recommend deploying Reblaze behind a load balancer using TAG for VM adding,
this way you may add/remove instances when needed.
Reblaze license needs to be passed to the VM at boot, for that we would use the user data feature at the VM creation

Support Details

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