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By- Shark Labs (Version LatestOS Ubuntu 18.04)


PacVim is a game that will teach you how to use the vim text editor.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying PacVim

To play, ssh into your VM and then run:

You may specify the starting level and mode (n and h for normal/hard). The default mode is hard:
pacvim 8 n

How To Play

The objective of PacVim is very similar to PacMan.

You must run over all the characters on the screen while avoiding the ghosts (red G).

PacVim has two special obstacles:

1- You cannot move into the walls (yellow color). You must use vim motions to jump over them.

2- If you step on a tilde character (cyan ~), you lose! You are given three lives. You gain life each time you beat

level 0, 3, 6, 9, etc. There are 10 levels, 0 through 9. After

beating the 9th level, the game is reset to the 0th level, but

the ghosts move faster. Winning conditions: Use vim commands to move the cursor

over the letters and highlight them. After all letters are

highlighted, you win and proceed to the next level.

Losing conditions: If you touch a ghost (indicated

by a red G) or a tilde character, you lose a life. If you

have less than 0 lives, you lose the entire game.

Support Details

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