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Open Unlight

By- Unlight (Version 1.0.0.pre1OS Ubuntu 18.04)



1- Create a VM

2- SSH into your server, the automatic setup progress will start

3- Write down your MySQL root password

4- After servers are started, please wait for the initialize for 5 ~ 10 minutes

5- Hosting your own website on another server and add Unlight.swf

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Open Unlight

The minimal server setup is included in One-Click, but you have to compile your own Flash client.

Prepare Assets

  1. Download the image/sounds from GitHub
  2. Prepare fonts for compile Unlight.swf (Depend on your language)## Compile SWF
docker run --rm -v ${ROOT_DIR}/assets:/assets \
                -v ${ROOT_DIR}/dist:/app/dist \
                -v ${ROOT_DIR}/fonts:/app/fonts \
                -e LANGUAGE=tcn
                openunlight/legacy-builder compile-client

Hosting SWF

  1. Setup a web server
  2. Modify your public/config.xml and public/news.xmlThe final structure:
├── Unlight.swf
├── index.html
└── public
    ├── config.xml
    ├── image/
    ├── news.xml
    └── sound/

The config.xml and news.xml you can find in GitHub and image/ and sound/ is included in assets we download in the first step

Support Details

Supported By: Unlight
Support URL:
Support Email: