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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

By- Shark Labs (Version 1.0OS Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) )




Minecraft is one the most popular online sandbox games ever created. With more than 112 million monthly active active players, there is a lot to explore, design, and create in this 3D virtual world.

Bedrock Edition allows you to host your own multi-platform server for players across a wide variety of devices including iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Getting started after deploying Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

After deploying a new VM from this listing, you will just need to setup the server address in your multiplayer settings from a supported Minecraft application (iOS, Android, etc).

1. Download the appropriate (Ubuntu) server package from the below URL onto the VM:

2. Once downloaded, you need to unpack the zip archive using the unzip command: unzip bedrock-server*.zip

3. Next, open a Screen session where we’ll start the new Minecraft server: Screen -S Minecraft

4. Once in the Screen session, you can then start the server with the following: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./bedrock_server

5. Now, your server should be running and accessible via the Minecraft game client. You may now exit the Screen by entering the following keystroke combination:

a) Hold the control key and press the “a” key

b) Press the the “d” key

6. You should now be placed back to the shell prompt, leaving your Minecraft server running in the Screen session.

Support Details

Supported By: Shark Labs