Jitsi Server

By- Mauricio “Pacha” Vargas (Version 2.1-273OS Ubuntu 18.04 )


itsi is an open source app for videoconferencing and chat. Works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android clients.

VM created by using this image allow videoconferencing between Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS users, just requiring to open a new browser tab on laptops/desktops or to install the Jitsi app from the Play Store/App Store on mobile.

This is a pre-configured image with pre-configured dependencies. You’ll only need a domain and we provide the scripts for an effortless setup with HTTPS enabled for secure communication with your team.

It is recommended to run this image on a CPU-Optimized VM with at least 4GB of RAM or higher.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Jitsi Server

Configure Jitsi

Step 1

Create a VM from the image available in the Marketplace.

Step 2

Before accessing the fresh VM, add a domain to your project. This is required because most browsers require HTTPS in order to allow you to use the camera and microphone in a website, and it’s not possible to enable HTTPS just with an IP.

It is mandatory to add an A record (i.e. pointing to the IP associated with your VM.

Step 3

Access the console (i.e via ssh by running ssh root@123.456.789) and set a new password.

Step 4

We have created scripts to configure Jitsi in a very straightforward way. This is divided into two steps:

  1. Configure videoconference.
  2. Configure HTTPS.

Step 4.1

Configure your video conference setup by running:

The menu will ask you to type the domain you added to your project in step 2. Type it exactly the same (i.e., if you insert the VM IP you won’t be able to configure HTTPS in the next step.

Then select the option to generate a self-signed certificate, unless you want to import your own certificate.

Step 4.2

This image uses Let’s Encrypt to enable HTTPS. Configure this setup by running:

The menu will ask you for an email, it will be used to notify you when it’s time to renew the certificates and maintain your website with a secure connection.

Support Details

Supported By: Mauricio “Pacha” Vargas
Hours: 09.00 – 18.00
Support URL: