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IOTA Hornet Node

By- IOTA (Version LatestOS Ubuntu 20.04)


HORNET is a powerful, community driven IOTA fullnode software written in Go. Compared to the Java node implementation (IRI), this requires considerably less resources with significantly higher performance. HORNET is easy to install, and runs on low-end devices.

Note: if network activity increases significantly, low performance VPSs may struggle to cope with the load and may need to be upgraded. We currently recommend the 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD VM.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying IOTA Hornet Node

Brief Instructions:

Once the application server is running, access via SSH.

Upon first login, the playbook installation will start.

An administrative user and password will be prompted for, and a selection of tools to install (e.g. monitoring, firewalls etc).

Note that most of the software has been pre-installed. The installation will mostly upgrade software if required and configure access and firewalls.

Tools Included via the Hornet playbook:

Horc (hornet controller): menu-driven node management tool

nbctl: cli utility to manage neighbors

Testing if the service is running:

Once the installation is complete, run systemctl status hornet. This should be active, if the service is running.

Support Details

Supported By: IOTA
Support URL: