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By- Doppler (Version 1.0OS Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS))


FreePBX® is the most popular graphical administration and end-user interface for the open-source Asterisk® telephony toolkit. Build a cloud phone system, a call center, a WebRTC application, or a custom audio service. This one-click build is ready to connect to your SIP phones and VoIP providers immediately. You can add extra functionality through free or commercial add-on modules.

FreePBX and Asterisk are corporately sponsored by Sangoma Technologies. Simon Telephonics is providing this one-click install to the community and is not affiliated with Sangoma.

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Getting started after deploying Doppler

Generate a new service token and export this into your environment. After that simply run doppler run -- your-command-here to inject all your secrets into your application.

More information:

Service tokens documentation

Doppler CLI documentation

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