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Decentralized Internet

By- Stark Drones (Version 5.3.5OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Decentralized Internet

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Currently, the internet as it stands is monopolized primarily by central authorities and relies heavily on outdated infrastructure such as telecom towers, routing systems, switches, etc. It is about time for an upgrade.


This repo is for an SDK and library for building decentralized web and distributed computing projects. Currently, we are trying to make a pipeline for a P2P Data transfer and syndication protocol. Currently, the main distribution method for this software is through NPM, and we have developed extensions, plugins, and capability for multiple other platforms as well.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Decentralized Internet

In regards to getting started, click on the installation guide.

Use sudo nano to edit database files and ports before running.

All the main files come pre-installed minus the haxe dev dependencies

Make sure you are in the node_modules/decentralized-internet directory before going to addons

Support Details

Supported By: Stark Drones
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