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Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition

By- Ant Media (Version 2.2.1OS Ubuntu 18.04)


1- Ultra Low Latency Adaptive WebRTC Live Streaming

1 to N Low Latency adaptive WebRTC Live Streaming is about 500ms

2- Streams Play Everywhere & Every Internet Speed

RTMP, MP4, HLS, WebRTC and Adaptive bitrate support.

3- Scaling within the Cluster

Scale Publishers and Viewers with auto-scaling clusters

4- Simulcast to Social Media

Simulcast to Facebook , YouTube, Periscope channels or any 3. party Endpoint at the same time

5- SDK for iOS, Android, and JavaScript

WebRTC and RTMP SDKs support both broadcasting and playing in iOS, Android, and JavaScript

6- IP Camera Streaming

Compatibility with ONVIF cameras creates an IP camera Solution with PTZ and Auto Discovery Features

7- IPTV Solution

Remote Stream Fetching and Compatibility with MAG Set-Top-Boxes

8- Open Source

Community Edition is Open Source on GitHub

9- Other Features

SFU in One to Many WebRTC Streams,One-Time Token Control,Object Detection,Built-in Amazon S3 Support, H.265,VP8 and CMAF

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition

Bring your own license for using Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition

You could obtain a license fromĀ

To get started with Ant Media Server EE, visit your new Ant Media Server 1-Click App VM and follow the prompts on http://your_server_ip:5080.

Support Details

Supported By: Ant Media
Hours: 8:00am-7:00pm GMT+3
Support URL:
Support Email: