By- Seknox (Version 1.1.2OS Ubuntu 20.04 )



TRASA is a Zero Trust Service Access Platform.

It essentially:

1- Is a layer 7 protocol, user identity, and privilege aware access proxy.

2- Can enforce security policies (time, file transfers, location, context, 2fa) to SSH, RDP, Web, Database access.

3- Can enforce access policy based on the security hygiene of user devices.

4- Add a two-factor authentication agent (native integration) to protect access to SSH, RDP, Database, and Hardware appliance.

If you have used the Bastian server to jump access or centralized access to internal infrastructure, you can also think of TRASA as a Bastian server on steroids!

Software Included

Getting started after deploying TRASA

After you create a TRASA One-Click VM, log in to it with your configured SSH key and follow the initial setup instructions:

  1. $ Enter TRASA server domain/IP: Enter the domain name or IP address in which TRASA server will listen
  2. $ Do you want to retrieve certificate from Let's Encrypt? (Y/N) TRASA can fetch a lets encrypt certificate for you. If you have supplied a private domain or IP address in the step before, enter N here. Otherwise, enter Y.

Once you are done with the above step, you can access TRASA dashboard on the domain or IP you provided in Step 1. Follow this guide for the initial account setup process: .

Note: If you want to protect RDP access using TRASA, you will need to install Apache Guacamole Server daemon (Guacd). Follow this guide for installation reference: .

Support Details

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