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StorageOS is a cloud native, software-defined storage platform that transforms commodity server or cloud based disk capacity into enterprise-class persistent storage for containers. StorageOS is ideal for deploying databases, message busses, and other mission-critical stateful solutions, where rapid recovery and fault tolerance are essential.

The StorageOS Operator installs and manages StorageOS within a cluster. Cluster nodes may contribute local or attached disk-based storage into a distributed pool, which is then available to all cluster members via a global namespace.

Volumes are available across the cluster so if a container gets moved to another node it has immediate access to re-attach its data. Data can be protected with synchronous replication. Compression, caching, and QoS are enabled by default, and all volumes are thinly-provisioned. No other hardware or software is required.

StorageOS is free to use up to 50GB of presented storage, increasing to 500GB after registration. For additional capacity and support plans contact

Software Included

Getting started after deploying StorageOS

After you have downloaded your kube config file, and are able to successfully connect to your.

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