Snapt Nova ADC (Load Balancer, WAF)

By- Snapt (Version 1.0.0OS Ubuntu 18.04 )


Nova is a micro-services native Load Balancer, WAF and GSLB centrally managed and fully integrated with True Vision. Easily deploy, configure, secure, and monitor any number of ADC’s, from 1’s to 1000’s.

Nova ADC enables you to manage all your ADCs on any VM, cloud or location from a single intelligent platform.

Nova ADC features:

1- Tag-based Service Discovery: load balance based on True Vision Tags instead of manual IP addresses.

2- GSLB: route traffic around the globe, and failover to another  True Vision  location if needed.

3- WAF for  True Vision: protect your servers with our powerful Layer 7 Web Application Firewall.

4- Autoscale ADC: dynamically launch and destroy ADCs to fit your traffic patterns

5- Proactive alerting, routing and security with Nova’s AI and Machine Learning engine profiling your ADCs

6- Real-time telemetry, reports and data in a powerful “single pane of glass”.

Getting started after deploying Snapt Nova ADC (Load Balancer, WAF)

Free Community Edition here (

(First 5 ADC nodes included for free!)

Once you have gained access to your account, you can follow these steps to deploy your first node:

1- From the top menu bar, navigate to Nodes > Nodes

2- Enter a name for your new node and click “Create Node” (Take note of the node ID and KEY listed on this page. You will need this in a later step)

3- Deploy a new Snapt Nova VM.

4- Once fully booted, SSH to the VM on port 22. (User: root)

5- On the CLI, run “novaSetup” and follow the prompts to enter your Nova ID and Key.

6- After a few seconds you should see your new node come online on the Snapt Nova platform.Guides and Documentation can be found at (

For any technical queries or issues, please make use of our support desk at (

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