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By- Buddy (Version 0.4.1OS Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS))


Repman is a free, open-source PHP private package repository manager for Composer from the makers of Buddy CI/CD. Thanks to a dedicated CDN/proxy for Packagist, Repman can speed up dependency download up to 80%.


The built-in global CDN speeds up downloading Composer dependencies from up to 80%. Just install the Repman plugin or update your composer.json file and you’re ready to go.


1- Native integration with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

2- Packages can be shared in organizations through authorization tokens

3- Security scanner for private packages

4- Four package types are supported: VCS, PEAR, path to directory, and artifact

5- Supports Git, SVN, Fossil and Mercurial version control systems

6- Each shared package is tracked for the number of installations (global or individual)

7- All sources are available on GitHub under MIT license

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Repman

After you create a Repman One-Click VM:

1- prepare and connect your domain

2- login via SSH

3- run cd repman

4- run (replace repman.instance with your domain name) ansible-playbook ansible/setup.yml -i ansible/inventories/local --extra-vars '{"server_hostname":"repman.instance","app_git_branch":"0.4.1"}'

Add admin user:

1- change user to repman: sudo su repman

2- enter project root: cd /var/www/repman

3- run command bin/console repman:create:admin

Support Details

Supported By: Buddy
Hours: 24×7
Support URL: