OpenVPN + Pihole

By- Shark Labs (Version 1.1.1OS Ubuntu 18.04 )


A useful combination for travellers and safety online – OpenVPN and Pihole together – to quickly protect you and your data from unwanted surveillance and unexpected malware domains, all of which is especially useful while traveling and on public wifi.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying OpenVPN + Pihole

To use your new OpenVPN + Pihole server, you’ll need to collect your OpenVPN config one time. Do this by logging into your new 1-Click App VM via ssh root@your_vm_IP with your SSH key or one-time password.

You can also check out this short demo of configuring and setting everything up from an Android device.

To spin up and tear down your VPN server on demand so that you only pay for the compute resources when you are using them, check out the example client scripts in the source repo that can be executed directly from a terminal emulator like Termux on your mobile device.


Support Details

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