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By- Analythium (Version 2.2OS Ubuntu 20.04)


Deploy R-based APIs and web applications at scale with ease using the 1-Click OpenCPU app. Use RStudio Server Open Source as a multi-tenant environment and to interactively develop and deploy applications to the server.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying OpenCPU

Use your SSH key you set up with your VM to log in: ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa root@your_vm_public_ipv4. Add new user as adduser user_name, optionally make them superuser as usermod -aG sudo user_name.

Go to http://your_host/rstudio and log in using the newly created username and password. Install a demo app via remotes::install_github("rwebapps/appdemo"). Now visit http://your_host/ocpu/user/user_name/library/appdemo/ to see the demo app. Go to http://your_host/ocpu/ to explore and test various endpoints.

Support Details

Supported By: Analythium
Hours: 2pm-4pm
Support URL: