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Netdata is a highly optimized open source monitoring agent you install on all your systems and containers. Netdata provides unparalleled insightsin real-time, of everything happening on the systems it runs in (including web servers, databases, applications), using highly interactive web dashboards.

Netdata can run autonomously, without any third party components, or it can be integrated to existing monitoring tool chains (Prometheus, Graphite, OpenTSDB, Kafka, Grafana, etc). Netdata is fast and efficient, designed to permanently run on all systems (physical & virtual servers, containersIoT devices) without disrupting their core function.

Netdata is free, open-source software, and can be found at and

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Netdata

Port-forwarding to the Netdata dashboard

You can quickly forward a local port to the Netdata dashboard in your cluster with the following command

kubectl -n netdata port-forward svc/netdata 19999
Then visit your Netdata dashboard at http://localhost:19999 or and explore the Netdata pod dashboard metrics along with the dashboard metrics and any alarms you may wish to configure for each node in your cluster.

You can read the Getting Started Guide and other docs at

Support Details

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