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By- Heroic Labs (Version 2.7.0OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Build scalable games and apps with a production-ready server used by ambitious game studios and app developers all around the world. Have a look at the documentation and join the developer community for more info.


Users – Register/login new users via social networks, email, or device ID.

Storage – Store user records, settings, and other objects in collections.

Social – Users can connect with friends, and join groups. Builtin social graph to see how users can be connected.

Chat – 1-on-1, group, and global chat between users. Persist messages for chat history.

Multiplayer – Realtime, or turn-based active and passive multiplayer.

Leaderboards – Dynamic, seasonal, get top members, or members around a user. Have as many as you need.

Tournaments – Invite players to compete together over prizes. Link many together to create leagues.

Runtime code – Extend the server with custom logic written in Lua or native Go code.

Matchmakerdashboardmetrics, and more.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Nakama

After you create a Nakama One-Click VM, Nakama and CockroachDB will both be installed. This One-Click application is ideal for learning and exploring with Nakama, but isn’t configured for production use.

Once your Nakama One-Click VM has started, it will be ready to use with the Nakama client.

Get started with your preferred client:

– .NET/Unity client guide

– JavaScript client guide

– Java/Android client guide

– Swift/iOS client guide

– C++ client guide

– Cocos2d-x client guide – C++

– Cocos2d-x client guide – JavaScript

– Unreal client guide

Support Details

Supported By: Heroic Labs
Hours: 24 hour support
Support URL: