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By- Buoyant (Version 2.7.1 )


Linkerd is an ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes. It makes running services easier and safer by giving you runtime debugging, observability, metrics, reliability, and security without requiring any code changes. And now, the Buoyant Linkerd 1-Click App configures and performs a recommended deployment of Linkerd2 onto a  Kubernetes cluster, in the linkerd namespace. It’s all done for you, in mere minutes.

The Linkerd2 CLI is recommended to interact with Linkerd2 and instructions are provided to add your specific service. As a part of a recommended deployment this 1-click contains Grafana and Prometheus included in the linkerd namespace.


Software Included

Getting started after deploying Linkerd

Confirm Linkerd is running:

After you have downloaded your kube config file, and are able to successfully connect to your  Kubernetes cluster  if you haven’t connected to your cluster) you’ll be able to see Linkerd running in the linkerd namespace by issuing:

Support Details

Supported By: Buoyant
Support URL: