By- NLnet Labs (Version 0.8.1OS Ubuntu 18.04 )


The Krill 1-Click App brings together all of the puzzle pieces needed to administer and run an RPKI Certificate Authority . The Krill 1-Click App allows you to easily set up Delegated RPKI with one or more Regional or National Internet Registries and seamlessly manage ROAs for all address space as a single pool. This 1-Click App allows publishing ROAs yourself using the included NGINX and rsync servers, or lets you publish with a third party.

Get the simplicity and flexibility you need by using the provided Krill Manager wizard to get you quickly up and running using an optional, automatically managed Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Krill

An introduction video demonstrates how to run Delegated RPKI under a Regional Internet Registry with the Krill 1-Click App in just 6 minutes. Detailed instructions are available in the Krill Manager manual.

Quick instructions for a single VM

1- Create the 1-Click VM.

2- Configure DNS to point one or more A records at the VM IP address.

3- SSH to the VM as user root.

4- Run the setup wizard with this command: krillmanager init.

5- Follow the on-screen prompts.


Professional support services are available for Krill, offering premium support, consultancy hours, early security warnings under non-disclosure, as well as priority feature requests. For all other clients support will be on a best-effort basis only. Please report any issues via the GitHub issue tracker.

Support Details

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Hours: 0900-1800 Central European Time
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