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Jelastic PaaS

By- Jelastic (Version 5.9-6OS Centos 7)


Jelastic PaaS Lite Edition is a dedicated Platform-as-a-Service automatically installed on top of DigitalOcean to speed up applications deployment, simplify infrastructure management and reduce hosting costs.

1- Jelastic PaaS Video Overview

The common use case for the lightweight PaaS is creating a dedicated Platform-as-a-Service for small and medium businesses: self-employments, new entrepreneurship, startups, small e-commerce, media, and gaming projects, etc.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Jelastic PaaS

Select a VM that meets Jelastic PaaS Lite Edition hardware requirements and access it via SSH under the root user to complete the installation process following the instructions:

1- Installation Guide

After deployment, please check your email to find admin credentials to the installed platform.

As an admin user, you get access to Jelastic Cluster Admin panel, intended to customize your Lite PaaS (use credentials from email to log in). Here, you can tune your Private Cloud in a desired way. As a basis of exploration, try to:

1-set different settings combinations

2- add more VMs to the cluster

3- customize user interface elements

4- adjust user groups with different level of access

5- monitor cluster statistics and user actions, etc

Support Details

Supported By: Jelastic
Hours: 24/7
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