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By- HAProxy-WI (Version 4.5.1OS CentOS 7)



1- Installation and updating HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived with HAProxy-WI

2- Installation and updating Grafana, Prometheus servers with HAProxy-WI

3-Installation and updating HAProxy and Nginx exporters with HAProxy-WI

4-Dynamic change of Maxconn, Black/white lists and backend’s IP address and port with saving changes to the config file

5- Configure HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived In a jiffy with HAProxy-WI

6- View and analyse Status of all Frontend/backend server via HAProxy-WI from a single control panel

7- Enable/disable servers through stats page without rebooting HAProxy

8- View/Analyse HAProxy, Nginx logs straight from the HAProxy-WI web interface

9- Create and visualise the HAProxy workflow from Web Ui

10- Push Your changes to your HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived servers with a single click through web interface

11- Get info on past changes, evaluate your config files and restore a previous stable config anytime with a single click straight from Web interface

12- Add/Edit Frontend or backend servers via web interface with a click of a button

13- Edit config of HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived and push changes to All Master/Slave server with a single click

14- Add Multiple server to ensure Config Sync between servers

15- Auto management of ports assigned to Fronted

16-Evaluate the changes of recent configs pushed to HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived instances straight from web ui

17- Multiple User Roles support for privileged based Viewing and editing of Config

18- Create Groups and add/remove servers to ensure proper identification for your HAProxy and Nginx Clusters

19- Send notifications to Telegram directly from HAProxy-WI and in web interface

20- HAProxy-WI supports high Availability to ensure uptime to all Master slave servers configured

21- SSL certificate support, Let’s Encrypt support

22- SSH Key support for managing multiple HAProxy and Nginx Servers straight from HAProxy-WI

23- SYN flood protect

24- Alerting about changes HAProxy backends state

25- Alerting about HAProxy and Nginx service state

26- Metrics incoming connections

27- Web acceleration settings

28- Web application firewall

29- LDAP support

30- Keep active HAProxy and Nginx services

31- Ability to hide parts of the config with tags for users with “guest” role: “HideBlockStart” and “HideBlockEnd”

32- Mobile-ready design

33- Simple port monitoring (SMON)

34- Backup HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived config files through HAProxy-WI

35- Manage OpenVPN3 as client via HAProxy-WI

Software Included

Getting started after deploying HAProxy-WI

This VM consists HAProxy-WI v4.5.0 without services.

For connect to the web panel open in your favorite browser: https://your_vm_public_ipv4 accept SSL certificate and login with default login/password: admin/admin. Do not forget change it

If you would like to update HAProxy-WI login to your VM ssh root@your_vm_public_ipv4 and add your credentials into repo file:

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/haproxy-wi.repo

Change the “login:password” to your “login:password”

**baseurl =$ostype$releasever/**

And enable repo:

enabled = 1

Support Details

Supported By: HAProxy-WI
Hours: 24/7/365
Support URL:
Support Email: