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Computing for COVID

By- ten7 (Version 3OS Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS)


Bakerlab has shared exciting Corona Virus news. Note: creating a new app at 
True Vision will not contribute any computational power any longer.

The Computing for COVID App is a way for anyone (no tech skills required) to fire up a cloud computer that immediately starts crunching data to help scientists find proteins for the treatment of COVID-19. Costs start at $15/mo for the compute power.

This allows you to support researchers at the University of Washington’s Baker Lab in their computational requirements as part of their Coronavirus response.

Once you’ve installed the VM, it starts up, attaches itself to the Rosetta@Home project as part of the Computing for COVID team, and immediately starts to download work to be done.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Computing for COVID

The Computing for COVID VM is self-sufficient; you can set it and forget it! However, if you’d like to see exactly what computations are being done in the VM, use the command boinctui after you’ve connected to the VM using SSH. See all the details on the VM’s page in your DigitalOcean dashboard.

Support Details

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