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By- CapRover (Version 1.8.0OS Ubuntu 18.04)


CapRover is an easy to use PaaS with a dashboard. It helps you to take your app from http://localhost:3000 to in seconds. It makes HTTPS enabling as simple as clicking on a button. It makes database (MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres and etc) deployment available with a single click. No more manual Nginx configurations, or building everything from scratch. See for setup documentation. If you are using this One-Click VM, you should skip step 1 in the guide.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying CapRover

For best user experience, make sure to read the Getting Started section of the docs After installation, simply visit http://IP-ADDRESS:3000 to see your dashboard! You can SSH to your instance to view your instance info including password.

The easiest way to finish the setup process is to follow the guide using CapRover CLI. You will be presented with a guided setup flow. You can also see the documentation from the DOCS link in the web dashboard top menu.

Support Details

Supported By: CapRover
Hours: Regular support in 1-2 business days.
Support URL: