Ambassador Edge Stack

By- Ambassador Labs (Version 1.6 )


Ambassador Edge Stack is a Kubernetes-native API Gateway built on Envoy Proxy. Managed entirely via Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions, Ambassador provides powerful capabilities for traffic management, authentication, and observability. Ambassador has native integrations for popular service meshes, including Consul, Istio, and Linkerd.

Getting started after deploying Ambassador Edge Stack

Quick Start

If you just want to give this app a quick spin without doctl give the following a try.


1- Download the Kubernetes config file to the ~/Downloads directory on your local machine. The config file will have a name like monitoring-k8s-1-15-3-do-1-sfo-kubeconfig.yaml.

2- Install the Kubernetes command line tool, kubectl, ( on your local machine.

Support Details

Supported By: Ambassador Labs
Support URL: