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By- Kandra Labs (Version 3.3OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Zulip is a full-featured team chat application with a conversation model designed to make good use of your time. It uses email-style threading to keep messages organized, and to ensure that the right people see every message.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Zulip

You must choose a Digital Ocean plan with at least 2GB of RAM when creating your VM.

After creating your VM:

1- Create a DNS record for a hostname pointing to your new VM_IP

2- Login to your new VM via SSH and follow the short configuration script. That’s it! Your new Zulip chat server is now ready for use. If you’re running this as a production server, we recommend skimming our extensive docs on configuring Zulip, upgrading, backups, monitoring, security, and more.

Support Details

Supported By: Kandra Labs
Hours: 24 hours
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