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By- Kromit (Version 0.9.8OS Ubuntu 18.04)



We believe in the philosophy “Do One Thing And Do It Well.” and try to follow it in the design and implementation of titra. A great companion for titra is Wekan, where you can plan your tasks and track your time against later on.

No risk, no fun, just time tracking

According to the philosophy described above, titra has been built to be the easiest, most convenient and modern way to track your time spent on projects. We want you to get started tracking your time as fast and with the least distractions as possible. After tracking your time, the second most important aspect is the ability to report and export your tracked time efficiently.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying titra

You’ll likely want a registered domain name to access titra.

We recommend setting up an A record from your domain to your servers IP address. Ex:

After the titra One-Click install is finished (optional: and your domain is setup). You can login to your VM.

ssh root@your_vm_ip

Support Details

Supported By: Kromit
Support URL: