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By- Nethesis (Version 7.9.2009OS CentOS 7.x)


The all-in-one solution to:

1- setup your mail server with a complete groupware in minutes

2- access your mail, contacts and calendar directly from the browser using WebTop or Roundcube

3- share your files using Nextcloud

4- chat with your teammates joining Mattermost

5- host your site with a complete LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP) stack

Not enough? Check our list of community modules!

Getting started after deploying NethServer

During VM creation please choose “Password” in “Authentication” section.

NethServer can be configured using the Server Manager web interface.

You need a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access the web interface at port 9090 using the VM IP address: https://server_ip:9090.

To access the Server Manager use the root user with the password chosen during the VM creation phase.

If you didn’t choose a root password during VM creation, access the system using SSH on port 22.

You can now set a password for the root user to access Server Manager. To set the root password, use the passwd command and follow the instructions on the screen.

Finally, access the Server Manager and access using root user the chosen password.

Please note that created VM does not have any SWAP configured. If you wish to add the SWAP see How To Add Swap on CentOS 7.

Support Details

Supported By: Nethesis
Hours: Community support is a best-effort service. Professional support SLA depends on the subscription plan.
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