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By- Dokos (Version 1.4.0OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Dokos is a full-featured open-source ERP (enterprise resource planning) well suited for small and medium enterprises.

It can help any type of company manage their sales or purchase cycle, inventory, projects, accounting and more. Ideal choice for companies wanting to keep their data private while benefiting from a modern and complete tool to run their business.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Dokos

Getting started after deploying Dokos

Once deployed, the default bench and site files are located in /home/dokos/dokos-bench

All bench commands should be run by user dokos

You can connect to user dokos by running: su - dokos

Passwords for mariadb root user and dokos admin users are registered in /home/dokos/passwords.txt

The admin username is Administrator

It is recommended to change the default passwords and delete this file after the first connection.

To connect to your site, just enter the IP address of your VM in your web browser.

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