By- ZesleCP (Version 3.1.5OS CentOS 7.x)


ZesleCP image provides a One-Click installer to automatically install Apache/Nginx, PHP, MySQL database server, Email servers with auto-configured SPF/MX/DKIM records, FTP server, One-click WordPress App, and many more useful packages.

ZesleCP is a lightweight, fast, and secure web hosting control panel designed to make the entire experience of managing your website and web server quick and easy.


Server Config – Get all the common packages and services ready out-of-the-box, with best-in-class GUI interface
Reseller/Multi-Accounts – Create and launch Control Panel accounts for your resellers and direct customers
Hosting Packages – Create hosting packages for your customers. Limit the services you want to provide and enjoy the full control
Domains Management – Add and manage your website domains, sub-domains, and parked domains with a single click using our GUI interface
Databases Mgmt. – Easily create and manage your databases & users. Manage user roles and privileges with MySQL Wizard & phpMyAdmin
Email Accounts – Get email accounts for each website easily with pre-configured DKIM, SPF, and TXT records
FTP Accounts – Create unlimited FTP accounts with the option to grant access to selected directories
Firewall Manager – Manage all the complexity of IP-tables with our easy Firewall Manager interface. Allow, deny, or restrict any service or port with a single click
One-click Apps – Install and configure your favorite applications, WordPress, in less than 5-minutes
SSH Keys – Manage your SSH keys. Create or revoke .ppk and .pem keys directly from your ZesleCP dashboard
SSL Integration – You can install your preferred SSL certificates. Renew and revoke certificates. One-click FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL included
File Manager – Enjoy a new fully featured file manager to perform all the file system related tasks easily
Cron Job Manager – Cron jobs are always complex. Schedule your tasks and commands easily with our GUI Cron Manager
Backup Wizard – Securely create backups, manage, and transfer your website files and database backups
And more …
Multiple IPs, Processes Manager, Root FileSystem Manager, Logs Viewer, and much more

Software Included

Getting started after deploying ZesleCP

After the installation of your ZesleCP VM,

Login in to your server command line terminal

1- Either by using the root username and a password, which you received email

2- Or, by using the root username and your SSH keys, that you might be added at the time of VM creation

Once you logged into the command line, simply run zesle first:run command.

This command will create your ZesleCP logins. Follow the instructions on-screen to login into ZesleCP.

Support Details

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