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OpenLiteSpeed ClassicPress

By- LiteSpeed Technologies (Version 1.2.0OS Ubuntu 20.04)


OpenLiteSpeed and ClassicPress is the perfect combination if you’re looking for a full-featured content management system with enhanced performance and with all the classic features of the most widely used CMS on the internet.

The lightweight, performance-oriented build of ClassicPress nicely complements the accelerated hosting provided by OLS. Moreover, as it is a fork of WordPress 4.9.x, users will immediately be reassured by its familiar look and feel, especially as it retains the popular “classic” TinyMCE editor.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying OpenLiteSpeed ClassicPress

From a terminal on your local computer, connect to the VM as root. Make sure to substitute the VM’s IP address.

ssh root@use_your_vm_ip
An interactive script that runs will first prompt you for your domain or subdomain.

You can press CTRL+C and continue to SSH. The prompt will open again the next time you log in and will continue to do so until you finish the whole setup.

Support Details

Supported By: LiteSpeed Technologies
Hours: 24×7
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