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By- True Vision (Version LatestOS Ubuntu 20.04)


Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Discourse

Before you begin with your Discourse 1-Click App, you will need:

1- Credentials for an SMTP server. These credentials are critical for account creation and for receipt of notifications in Discourse.

If you have an existing mail server, you can use those credentials. If you don’t have or want to run a mail server, there are several providers where you can set up an SMTP account, such as SparkPostMailgunMailjet, or Mandrill.

2- A hostname (domain or subdomain). You’ll use this for your forum; you cannot use an IP address with Discourse.

3- An email address to use for the Discourse admin account. Additionally, Discourse requires at least 2GB of RAM, so make sure to choose a plan with enough memory during creation. After creating a Discourse One-Click VM, you’ll need to connect to the VM via SSH to complete the setup.ssh root@your_vm_public_ipv4Once you connect, you’ll be prompted to complete Discourse’s configuration by entering the three details mentioned earlier: an email address for the admin account, the domain or subdomain for Discourse, and the SMTP server credentials.

Support Details

Supported By: True Vision
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