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Red Sky Ops

By- Carbon Relay (Version 1.2.2)


Red Sky Ops is an AIOps platform for deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications in Kubernetes environments. It makes it easy for DevOps teams to manage the millions of possible combinations of application variables and configuration settings you’re confronted with non-stop. With Red Sky Ops, you can automatically identify and implement the best configurations for each application in any cloud environment.

Red Sky Ops automatically handles this complexity to optimize application performance and lower infrastructure costs while dramatically cutting alert noise. With Red Sky Ops installed on your cluster, you can run experiments that patch cluster state and measure the outcome via one or more metrics. Although Red Sky Ops was developed to tune performance, it can run non-performance-related experiments on your application as well.

For users who want automatic generation and implementation of machine learning-powered suggestions for resource scheduling and configuration settings, Red Sky Ops hosted and Enterprise versions are available.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Red Sky Ops

After you have downloaded your Kube config file, and are able to successfully connect to your DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster  you’ll be able to use the same configuration as kubectl (usually $HOME/.kube/config) to connect the Red Sky Ops Tool to your cluster.

Support Details

Supported By: Carbon Relay
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