By- Meltano (Version 1.31.0 OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Warning: This Meltano installation method is not currently recommended, since the Meltano UI is lacking in various ways and does not currently offer the same experience as the Meltano CLI.

Please refer to for the most up-to-date information and installation instructions.

Meltano is free, open-source dashboarding software that helps startup founders visualize their business. Meltano makes it easy to view website pageviews and top traffic sources from Google Analytics, transactions and refunds from Stripe, open and closed tickets from Zendesk, and custom data from your product in a single dashboard.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Meltano

Step 1:  Launch the Web Interface

Meltano should be ready and available at http://YOUR_VM_IP_ADDRESS:5000/

Step 2: Set up a Loader

SSH into your VM using the information provided by DigitalOcean. Then, set up a reporting database and configure a Meltano loader.

Step 3: Read the Getting Started Guide

The Meltano Getting Started guide explains how to get from data to the dashboard in minutes.

Support Details

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