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Kepler Builder

By- Revox (Version 1.0.10OS Ubuntu 18.04)


Kepler is a powerful drag & drop WordPress website builder with all-new website style filters that instantly change the look and feel of your website. Our incredibly versatile Design System lets you create a website without having any coding or design know-how, Everything you make will look consistent and professional.

Kepler introduces a new era of what’s possible on WordPress, dedicated support & community, and a roadmap of equally exciting feature updates that we think you’ll love.

Get Started with a complete website or choose to insert as many unique, designer-built pages into your project whenever you choose.

Enjoy a FREE 14-day trial to experience building websites with Kepler.


Getting started after deploying Kepler Builder

1. Setting up WordPress

(1) Copy the VM IP address from your VM list on to your Browser (Kepler builder currently supports Chrome browser only) example:

(2) Fill in your site details and finish the WordPress installation.

(3) log in to your WordPress site with the information you filled in step 3 example URL:

Support Details

Supported By: Revox
Hours: Weekdays: 1 PM – 11 PM EST
Support URL:
Support Email: