Robomotion RPA

By- Mos Teknoloji Ltd. (Version 1.1.0 )


Robomotion is a web-based and cloud-native Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. It helps you to automate mundane back-office tasks such as entering excel data into an internal system, entering invoice information, creating daily reports, collecting and processing data from multiple systems. These tasks are done by so-called software robots – agent software – that is installed into your physical or virtual machine.

Robomotion installation comes with 1-free Development Robot for designing and testing flows. These robots can not be used for scheduled tasks. For more Development or Production Robots you will need a Robomotion license. For this, you can contact us by sending a direct email to or by requesting a license from your workspace’s Admin Console.

Software Included

Getting started after deploying Robomotion RPA

After you create a Robomotion 1-click installation, configure your network so that http://robomotion.local points to the external IP of the Load Balancer.

You can run the following command in a terminal shell to get the External IP address of the Load Balancer.

Support Details

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