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By- KubeMQ (Version 1.6.3 )


KubeMQ is a Kubernetes native, enterprise-grade message queue broker. A highly available, scalable and secured message broker designed to support high volume messaging with low latency and efficient memory usage. KubeMQ Supports all messaging and queuing patterns with a super-easy fast deployment on cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure. Delivered in lightweight, production-ready stateful set containers. You can deploy this KubeMQ 1-Click App in a few minutes.

KubeMQ can save your organization time and money by integrating development and operations workflows into a unified system. Its ease of use and DevOps friendliness minimizes the need for dedicated experts and accelerate the development and production cycles. Integrated with a range of best of breed cloud-native applications. You can use KubeMQ for free. Following the initial 7 days of quick deployment, you’ll need a free KubeMQ license key. For KubeMQ enterprise service (including onboarding package, open-source, integration, customization, training & enterprise support), please contact us directly at You can find out more about KubeMQ at

Software Included

Getting started after deploying KubeMQ

After you have downloaded your Kube config file, and are able to successfully connect to your DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster follow the instructions below to start using the KubeMQ 1-Click App.

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