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Cloud Manager

By- EInnovator (Version latest )


Cloud Manager is a feature-rich web UI for Kubernetes, designed from the ground-up to support all the workflows needed by developers when deploying cloud-native and microservice applications. It avoids the use of command-line tools like Kubectl for most common tasks and can be used ultimately to replace the Kubernetes dashboard. Features include:

1- Multi-Cluster support

2- Integration with many cloud providers (DO and 10+ others)

3- Simplified Deployments (no strict need for manifest YAML files)

4- Ingress, DNS route, certificate management for apps

5- Custom Marketplace Catalogs

6- CI/CD pipelines with one-click builds and webhooks

7- App DB console and backup snapshot

8- Pod File-Manager and Console

9- Easy app troubleshooting with browsing/search of logs, events, and meta-data

10- Deployment and control of Jobs and CronJobs

11- Simplified app configuration and service bindings

12- The simplified security model and team collaboration (when running in multi-user mode)

 Cloud Manager is deployed by default in a single-user mode without external persistence for minimal resource footprint. Check docs, for other deployment modes.

Getting started after deploying Cloud Manager

After install, make the app reachable by using kubectl port-forward, setting up an ingress, or configuring the service with a load-balancer and public ip.

Support Details

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